7 May 2005 

Looking Up

Many investors are looking up as the the market reaches its first or perhaps
'last' upper saturation level. On Friday Honeywell appreciated in valuation
by 4-5 percent -the best rise in 16 months -in a Œplanned¹, not actual¹
takeover bid. Earlier in the week GM who has newly acquired concrete junk
shoes by the S&P bond raters and is currently swimming in the South China
Sea with Japanese models and the-soon-to-the-market ultra low cost Chinese
models, received a similar Œplanned¹ acquisition bid with a spike valuation
of 15-20 percent. Where would the DJIA have ended this week without the
rumors propelling these two DJIA stocks?

Even with all the rumor hoopla the DJIA ended near the low for the day on
星期五。 在大大140年过渡点期间期望甚至是一个很好的百分比 那些普遍看跌市场仰望短期收益 - 许多投资者正着抬头,因为市场达成第一个或许 模型,收到了一个类似的œœ¹的收购竞标,并具有尖峰估值 “最后”上部饱和度。 周五霍尼韦尔在估值中赞赏 海洋与日本模特和高端市场超低成本中文 收购竞标。 早些时候在一周的通用汽车上有新收购的混凝土垃圾 即使所有谣言Hoopla也达到了当天的低点附近 鞋子由s P债券评估者,目前正在南方游泳 4-5% - 16个月的最佳上涨 - œ憬¹,而不是实际的 15-20%。 迪吉本周在哪里结束 推动这两个Djia股票的谣言? 随着陷阱摇摆的开放。 FrontPage.Editor.Document. 微软FrontPage 4.0. t,默认 2005年5月7日 G. Lammert. 抬头
those generally bearish on markets to be looking up for a short term gain -
as the trapdoor swings open.

G. Lammert