14 May 2005

Adapted from a translation of
The Tao Te Ching by
Tolbert McCarroll

Empty everything out; 
Hold fast to the 
underlying Stillness.
Even though all things are stirring,
Watch for the Movement of Return.
All things grow and thereafter
返回他们来的根源。 要意识到总是和醒来。 尽管所有事情都在搅拌, 这已经满足了它的命运 观看回报的运动。 折回静止。 所有事情都会成长,此后 成为永远的一部分 改编自翻译 返回root和 FrontPage.Editor.Document. 履行他们的命运。 微软FrontPage 4.0. 清空一切; 威胁潜在。 托尔伯特麦卡尔尔 Tao Te Ching2 赶紧 Tao Te Ching 2005年5月14日 t,默认 经过
Returning to the Root and
Folding back into the Stillness.
Fulfills their Destiny.
That which has fulfilled its Destiny
becomes part of the Always-so
Be aware of the Always-so and Awaken.