10 May 2005

From McCarroll's translation: The Tao Te Ching

Thirty spokes connect to the wheel's hub;
yet, it is the center hole
that makes it useful.
Clay is shaped into a vessel;
yet, it is the emptiness within
that makes it useful.
Doors and windows are cut for a room;
yet it is the space where there is nothing
that makes it useful.

因此,虽然优势来自于什么; 来自麦卡罗尔的翻译:Tao Te Ching 然而,它是没有什么的空间 三十台辐条连接到车轮的枢纽; 门窗被削减了一个房间; 有用性来自不是。 然而,这是空虚 粘土成形为血管; 然而,它是中心洞 FrontPage.Editor.Document. 微软FrontPage 4.0. 这使它很有用。 诗:Tao Te Ching 2005年5月10日 t,默认
usefulness comes from what is not.